Why are you so angry?

Today I want to talk to you about anger, its been quite a bit since I've written on this topic, so its due for a refresh. All one has to do is turn on the news for five minutes to see the current state of the world. Crimes, violence, and, despair seem to reach all corners of the world, we are constantly hearing about wars and rumors of wars. Trust doesn't exist anymore and people are stepping on each other to get ahead. Race wars are boiling, people are constantly angry. The world is falling apart or so it seems? But is this true? What if I told you that half of what you see in the media is smoke-in-mirrors? What if I told you that you create your own reality? What if I told you-you could solve more problems in a state of peace?

The fact is, when you are all riled up it is very difficult for you to think sensibly. A persons anger reflex should primarily be triggered during times of extreme threat or danger. However, for the vast majority anger is our religion. We believe it is our right to be angry, it is our right to be at war damn it! But who does it help? Sure anger used constructively can spur a righteous cause. It can cause a spark. But so can other emotions like sympathy, care, and enthusiasm. Why do we often choose anger, when the list of emotions to select are endless? Who are we really at war with? The man? The system? Ourselves? How does anger benefit us? For most people it does more harm than good and it DESTROYS relationships. So dear ones, the next time you are angry, take a deep breath and ask yourself why? Your anger may not even belong to you, you may have picked up another persons energy. If the anger does belong to you I challenge you to get to the root cause of it and DEAL with the ROOT.  Above all else seek peace.

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