When to mind your own business

We've all encountered it before, the unwarranted advice received by a well meaning loved one. Or perhaps you were the one that gave advice that no one really asked for? The fact remains that sometimes people just want to be heard, they want to tell you their problems, and simply have you LISTEN to them. The temptation to give advice during times when we're not asked is exactly what it is...temptation. Resist it! I try my best to ask people in advance if they actually want my advice, but after today, I'm going to start adding if they want to hear the truth or not.

There are times when people do ask your opinion about something, you assume that they really want your honest opinion, but THEY DON'T.  Some people don't want your opinion, they just want you to agree with them, they are looking for validation, and that's your cue to just mind your own business! If you can't give your honest opinion on something, just leave the discussion alone all together. The average bear can't handle the truth because (imho) people have been conditioned to be on the defensive about everything, I assume this is because people are so critical of themselves to began with. We each have the tendency to get on the defense from time-to-time.

Also, the tone and time of the message received may hinder us from receiving the message we actually need to hear. Lets face it, some of us deliver the truth recklessly making it difficult for people to receive the meat of our message. I will be the first to admit I've delivered some reckless messages in my day. Sometimes we need to leave well enough alone, take a breather, recheck our intentions, revisit the situation later, or mind our own business all together.

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