Ok, so I watched "The Wiz" play that recently aired on CBS about two weeks ago, and I'm finally getting down to a review. In a nutshell, I thought the play was really good, everyone did a great part playing their roles, the singing was nice and the costumes weren't bad either. I grew up watching "The Wiz" movie, in fact, I saw it before I saw "The Wizard of Oz", by the time I saw the original movie I was already jaded from seeing The Wiz, therefore, I didn't enjoy the original much. But, back to the play on my mind you cannot replace the original cast of "The Wiz", I mean, Michael Jackson was the scarecrow, and Diana Ross was Dorothy! How in the world can anyone compete with that? I can't remember who played the lion, but I do recall it was an "All Star" Cast. Yes, I understand that the CBS Wiz also had an "All Star" Cast, but for goodness sakes, The Wiz movie casted Lena Horne as one of the good witches. Yes, I said Lena Horne. When I finally decide to have kids they will be watching "The Wiz" movie. The Wiz cannot be beat, it just can't. That does not take away from the CBS Wiz, as it was refreshing to see a positive representation of African Americans on my internet screen (I watched it online). The CBS Wiz certainly is worth the watch and the praise its getting! However, we all know that the song "Home" is Stephanie Mill's song, it belongs to her soul, and that's all I have to say about that;). Watch the CBS play and let me know what you think.  If you've seen "The Wiz" in the past, what did you think about the CBS play version?

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