The Power of Letting Go…Again

I can't recall if I've written about this topic before, but it sounds like something I would write about-"The Power of Letting Go....Again" Can I tell you guys a personal story? I mean, can I tell you guys a really personal story? Once upon a time I had a best friend, lol, I had several of them actually, but this particular one was my best-friend for well over 20 years before we "broke up." If you've ever had a best-friend you know that friendships are sometimes like relationships, with a few slight differences. Friendships require a level of awareness, sensitivity, communication, and attention, "Best Friendship" require (even) more attention, the level of expectation instantly increases (depending on who you're in a relationship with).

Platonic relationships share a different type intimacy than non-platonic relationships (I should hope so), however, intimacy of some sort still exists. The intimacy I'm referring to is the intimacy that you share with your best friend, that assurance that you can tell he or she practically anything (without them looking at you like an alien).

"Anywho," this post is about "letting go."  I didn't see the break-up of my over 20 year friendship, it was no where in radar view, and totally took me off guard. It was her choice and she gave me no choice but to let go of all we'd accumulated (mentally, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually),throughout our 23 year friendship. Needless-to-say, I was beyond devastated, shocked, surprised, but in some strange way, accepting. I accepted because life gave me no other option (if I wanted to move-on in my life).

What I've come to realize however, is that when you're in a tight friendship with someone (for years), whom you suddenly break-up with, there is a proper way to "Let go" and sometimes you have to "keep letting go" until you have fully detoxed that person from your life. Breaking up with your friends is less about blame, then it is about reflection of what went right, what went wrong and learning! Also, no matter how "perfect of a person" you are, there is always room for personal growth. Now, take that from an Aries (who's "always" right) lol.

Six-years-to-date and I am finally ready to move (completely) on and not look back. I let go of the friendship, but now I'm ready to let go of the emotions that were tied and invested in the friendship. I've come to realize in life we can "just get along" and "function" all while carrying baggage lol. Today is the day that I look-into, and (completely) get rid of a bag I've been carrying for 6 years.

How do you know if you really haven't let go of something?

  1. If that something still gets "a rise" out of you
  2. If that something stirs up an emotion in you that "brings you" to have a full fledge conversation about it

You can let go and but still have residue to clean-up. Never let your past ruin your present. Continue to let go, as the need arises. Remember life is all about receiving and letting go. Enjoy the magic of both!

When its time to clean house don't be afraid of cleaning an area you thought you cleaned already-clean it again!


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