Jealousy, A road to nowhere

What is jealously really? Jealously is the enemy of progress. Jealously is a sign that you are missing something within your own life. Jealously is a lack of confidence. If you're a jealous person you hate when other people reach levels of success. You hate when other people have "more than you," and you covet what they have-this-my friends, is jealousy. Does this describe you? If so, let me give you some practical solutions to overcome it:

  1. Stop obsessing over other peoples lives
  2. Start concerning yourself with your own life
  3. Start establishing goals for yourself
  4. Write a gratitude list of the things you are happy about in your life
  5. Start genuinely complimenting people
  6. Start complimenting yourself, out loud, in the mirror, daily
  7. Take a break from social media and start living your life

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