Close the Gate open a Window 2013 Revelations: Happy New Year!

Today is December 31st, 2013, and I can't help but to reflect on the year of 2013. I had a lot of surprises this year! If you would've told me last December 31, 2012 that 2013 was going to look like it looked, I would've thought you were crazy. I probably would've done everything in my power to alter my year! It may be a good thing I didn't know everything in advance, lol, however, I did have some premonitions.

My 2013 was literally turned on its head! At least it did appear that way, but I know that 2013 was perfectly orchestrated and planned, albeit, well. Many things came to an abrupt end in August, in my personal life. August was most certainly a month for change, which actually was appropriate according to what was happening in the spiritual realm during that time and space.Yes indeed, in August 2013 my life was rocked, I was not one bit comfortable with the changes, and guess what? I didn't need to be. You grow when you're uncomfortable.

In August I was SUPER uncomfortable for a HOST of reasons. Part of the reason was because I stirred up change. Thats correct, I stirred up change in my own life. I HAD to break free and move forward. My intuition wouldn't "let it be". I made some BOLD moves that HURT like I imagine giving BIRTH to be. I ultimately decided to TRUST Yah (God), surrender my will, and let go. I started a cycle of "letting go" on August 31, 2012, and by August 31, 2013 that cycle was painfully complete. Reflection in the spirit is always quite fascinating.

Throughout the time of ripping away, I received messages here and there, very few, but each one very confirming my need to continue on my path that was seemingly uncertain. Sometimes the universe spoke loudly, other times she spoke in a whisper, I had to have my ears on to hear. Each time she spoke to me it was obvious to me that she was speaking. For example, when I moved in my new apartment I was shown three times that I was indeed supported in my period of transition, I needed to continue to let go of the past and move forward, and my completion was here. This specific message came to me on 09/27/2013, three times, by three different events, and three separate messengers. However, had I not been spiritually attuned I would've missed it, and shrugged it off as a coincidence. I don't believe in coincidences and never mind what you thought, I AM spiritually awake, lol.

I won't go through every scenario of this year, but I will tell you that it was not always easy. I saw some sides of people that I never want to see again. In some ways, I could call one experience, an attack, but I am not a victim, so actually it was a message. Their "attack" was to my benefit, because I used that energy to motivate me to push my way through. And PUSH I did. AND Breakthrough I did. I grew this year because I GAVE myself permission to trust the process. There were people in my life that couldn't stand it, and judged me for it. The spirit within me brought me PEACE, when others had nothing but judgement. Oh, this was a lesson to be learned. As human beings we can be so judgmental, its too easy to judge from the sidelines. I realize all the more that we HURT people when we throw them into our HELL. Just that one experience taught me the importance of MERCY and LOVE, all over again.

Sometimes its the "righteous" that end up being the most wicked, because they have no MERCY and they show no LOVE. Let me not go there, and save "that" rant for another post. I will finish this paragraph by saying that people were confused by my life in 2013, they were trying to figure it out and at the time THEY didn't like what they saw. Of course I didn't always like what I saw either, but I was committed to trusting the process, and TRUSTING that God (Yah) most certainly lived within. I knew the spirit would guide me. Thank God (Yah) for The Spirit and I'm sure people are still just as confused about my life at the close of 2013, lol. Oh well!

In August of 2013 My "unexpected" friend Bridgett Williams transitioned to light. I say unexpected friend because I didn't expect that I would ever befriend Bridgett the way may heart apparently did, and this was mostly because she was a student of mine. Again, I was taught a lesson through her passing…you never know who God (Yah) may send you to love and who may love you. God did not care that Bridgett was a student, lol! Let me tell you, Bridgett was a BLESSING to my life, she was an unexpected gift. I am NOW grateful that I had the opportunity to share the time we shared and speak the words that we spoke. I'm telling you, the universe will remind you to appreciate the details, and Bridgett Williams was an important detail in my life, that I didn't see coming. She went from being an unexpected friend to an unexpected angel. She is most certainly with me in the spirit and she will always be with me. I remember speaking with Bridgett last year around this time, she said 2013 was going to be her year, we confirmed it as the year of the underdog. Bridgett was right, she transformed into a being of light (the highest transformation) it was her year, it was the year of the underdog, and finally, she was recognized in ways unimaginable, and she became immortal. Again, spiritual reflection is almost magical. Shine Bridgett Shine!

So here we are, December 31, 2013, and after saying all that I have said about 2013, I'm closing this year with a bag full of revelations, and new bags of stuff yet to be revealed or fully understood. 2013 still ends with alleged loose ends that will be tied up in time. Loose ends are okay, all things have a place in its right season. Quite a few gates closed in 2013, and quite a few windows were opened all the same. Isn't life grand?! 2014 here we come!

Close the gate open a window! Happy New Year!


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