I would be remised if I didn't give a tribute to my friend Bridgett Williams prior to the closing of this year. Let me tell you, I thought about this the moment Bridgett left us and transitioned to the other side. I couldn't figure out how to pay homage to such a wonderful human-being, and I still don't know exactly what to say…

I do find it ironic that Bridgett passed the same year that Legend Nelson Mandela passed…as Bridgett's academic resource specialist and friend, I was privy to knowledge that she'd recently done research on Nelson Mandela's wife, Winnie Madikizela Mandela. Bridgett often told me that Winnie Mandela was most certainly a mover and shaker. The passing of Nelson Mandela, reminded me, yet again, of my dear friend, Bridgett Williams who was a legend in her own right.

I can also tell you that I still have the paper where Bridgett originally gave me her phone number…I cannot throw it away. She was missed in August, she is still missed now…she'll be missed forever.

Bridgett is the Women's Circle member of the month from August until January 1st. in fact, she is the FIRST member of the month, at WCI. Apparently the spot of being "our first" was reserved just for Bridget and we are honored to have her.

We will continue to celebrate her life in the work that we do for humanity, at WCI. Bridgett didn't judge, she made you laugh, and forced you to love her, lol. She taught me that sometimes unplanned friendships are the most memorable.

Now Nelson Mandela has joined Bridgett. I can only imagine Bridgett conversing with Mandela and his late wife Winnie. Bridgett is at the table asking a whole lot of questions, lol, trust me!

Love you BB. Always will girl, always will.  May you continue to RIP.




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